Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Few Thoughts on iPad Gaming

John Carmack has said that iPad gaming is the future. That may sound hyperbolic, but I find more and more I'm drawn to the iPad over console gaming, or the pc. (With notable exceptions like Mortal Kombat and the Kinect and PS3 Move games, or Unreal Tournament on the PC).

A longish post here on the joys of iPad gaming. It's not a review so much, but a recounting of the author's experience of various iPad games vis-a-vis their console equivalents. Good read.

The author mentions that with all the hype LA Noire got, it hasn't been as successful financially. Coincidentally, I see that Team Bondi, the creator of LA Noire is being sold to KMM.

Here's where I can imagine this will go: iPad games being part of a strategy that includes a console release, particularly if the console version has some motion component. That's the strategy Rage is using, and it looks like a winner.

That reminds me: when are we going to see Kung Fu Panda on the iPad?

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