Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inside the Mind of a Right-Wing Propagandist

James O'Keefe is apparently out of jail. For how long who knows. While he's out his award-not-winning enterprise Project Veritas is hard at work attempting to commit voter fraud. See, the logic is that if he successfully commits voter fraud that'll prove that liberals are wrong when they say that voter fraud doesn't exist. Even if he's the only example of voter fraud, that vindicates the belief that voter fraud exists. A skeptic might point out that would be like somebody saying that no one wears a rhinoceros costume to church, and then O'Keefe wears a rhinoceros costume to church just to prove that somebody wrong. Yeah, that is pretty much what he's doing. I know what you're thinking: someone like that's a real dick. In this caes no one is wearing a rhinoceros costume. But, O'Keefe is having someone impersonate Eric Holder. O'Keefe claims that he's portraying Holder because Holder is challenging recently legislated voter id laws. (a wee bit more on that here) Here's how Mike Debonis puts it:
People like O’Keefe think voter ID laws are a common sense way to prevent voter fraud; people like Holder say they address a problem that doesn’t exist, and the laws would give officials new pretext to keep legitimate voters from casting ballots.
Mike, who used to be active in grass-roots politics here in DC before getting the WaPo job, is being unbelievably generous by characterizing O'Keefe that way. No doubt he's also trying to avoid the liberal bias label that got Dan Froomkin fired. But, Mike doesn't know how O'Keefe thinks. Neither do I, but I'm willing to be less charitable than Mike. I would have said that People like O'Keefe think that voter id laws are an easy way to steal elections. I also tend to believe that he's impersonating Holder not because he's the symbol of liberal oppression, but because Holder is virtually invisible as far as cabinet members go. If O'Keefe really had cajones, he'd impersonate Hillary Clinton. Not gonna ha pen.

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